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Es responsabilidad del huésped incluir los cargos y honorarios de la transferencia para asegurar que el hotel recibira el monto total sin deducciones. Por favor siga las instrucciones enviadas en el correo de confirmación de la reserva para completar la transferencia.
NO. CUENTA 2950456950
NO. TARJETA 4152 3134 7004 5605 
CLABE INTERBANCARIA  012 580 0295 0456 9507 

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Información de la propiedad

In Taiyari Hostal, Meaning "our heart" in Huichol indigenous language, we are compromised to host people from all around the world under the aspiration of becoming home to all of our guests during their stay. We are working hard to keep on adding value to our guests experience, innovating in order to keep on having first world facilities, as well as a great and personalized service, and an extraordinary experience in the Mountain City of Monterrey, starting from its very own heart, its historical center, well known as Barrio Antiguo. 

Dirección 1: Diego de Montemayor 1221

Ciudad : Monterrey - Nuevo Leon

Código Postal : 64000

Contact Name : Andres Hermosillo

Teléfono : 8183437312

E-mail : taiyarihostal@hotmail.com

  • Almacenamiento de Equipaje
  • Servicio de Lavandería
  • Impresora
  • Café y Pan Incluídos en la Reserva
  • Aire Acondicionado en dormitorios
  • Aire acondicionado en Cuarto 7
  • Aire Acondicionado en Cuarto 4

Políticas de Llegada / Salida

Esta propiedad tiene las siguientes tiempos y políticas de check-in / check-out.

Llegada: 14:00

Salida: 12:00

Políticas de Cancelación :
ArticleI.  Incase of requiring a cancelation, it should be advised with a mínimum of 7 days anticipation in order relieve 50% of the deposit in cash or 100% in exchange for future nights, always considering it depends on availability, expiring 6 months after the date when the booking was made.
ArticleI.            En caso de requerir una cancelación, se deberá avisar con mínimo 7 días de anticipación para poder recibir el reembolso del 50% en efectivo o el 100% conel equivalente en noches siempre y cuando exista la disponibilidad para lasfechas deseadas, con vigencia de 6 meses a partir del día de la cancelación

NO. CUENTA 2950456950 
NO. TARJETA 4152 3132 0847 4580 
CLABE INTERBANCARIA  012 580 0295 0456 9507  
Términos y Condiciones

Internalregulations that must be visible to the guests inside the accommodation areasrepresented by the official code RFC HEAA921228150 with address Diegode Montemayor 1221 Centro. C.P. 64000 in Monterrey Nuevo León, in Mexico where itis specified and it is committing to:THEGUEST IS OBLIGATED TO COMPLY WITHOUT ANY RESTRICTION THE RULES CONTEMPLATED INTHE INTERNAL REGULATIONS FROM OUR HOSTELS AND THE DIFFERENT RULES OF THEFACILITIES, INTERNET, INFORMATIC WIRE AND/OR FROM THE APPLIANCES AND UTENSILSPLACED TO THE GUEST´S DISPOSITION. IN ANY CASE, ANY FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THEREGULATIONS WILL DEMAND THE STAFF TO REQUEST THE GUEST TO LEAVE THE ROOM EVENIF IT HAS BEEN ALREADY PAID, AND THE RECISION OF THIS AGREEMENT WITH ALL THECONSEQUENCES PREVIEWD ATH THE SAME MOMENT. Article I.             Every person hosted in our establishment is obligatedto be registered at the front cashier and sign the internal regulationsincluding their full personal information with conformity agreeing to fullycomply with it. It will be mandatory to turn in a valid ID (each and everyguest) with a clear and valid picture at the front desk as well, in order toreceive a set of keys of the establishment entrance and their respectiveassigned room.Article II.           The charge of the accommodation should be chargedbefore check-in, which should be between 2:00 pm and 10:00 pm. The rent of theroom/bed expires at 12:00 pm the next day. For the subsequent days, the rent ofthe room/bed should be paid before 12:00 pm, depending on availability,otherwise access to the room will be denied. Check-out should be done after theopening of our front desk. (10:00AM weekdays and 9:00AM on weekends), otherwiseit should be requested with a 12 hour anticipation with the staff in order to receiveinstructions for self-check-out.Article III.          In case of requiring a cancelation, it should be advisedwith a minimum of 7 days anticipation in order relieve 50% of the depositin cash or 100% in exchange for future nights, always considering itdepends on availability, expiring 6 months after the date when the booking wasmade. Article IV.          All room being occupied after 1:00 pm will be chargedas an extra night to the guest, and this will not ensure availability of theroom, meaning that if the room has been previously booked by someone else, theguest will be required to leave the room. If the guest is willing to book onemore night, it should be requested at the front desk, or made by any of ourcurrent platforms previously, always depending on availability. Article V.            The service schedule of our establishment is thefollowing (business hours)a.       Monday to Friday (HOLLYDAYS MAY VARY): 7:30 – 22:00 HOURSb.      Saturdays (HOLLY DAYSMAY VARY): 9:00-22:00 HOURSc.       Sundays (HOLLY DAYS MAYVARY): 9:00-22:00 HOURSArticle VI.          The bicycle rental service is provided by a thirdparty, for which the establishment is not responsible for any consequencecaused by the guest and the bicycle service provider. Article VII.         Access to our facilities after Check-in can be at anyhour (using the key provided by our staff). For dorms, it should not beaccessed after 23:59 pm (midnight) in order to respect our guests’ sleep,unless an agreement has been done between all of the guests hosted in the same dorm,sleep hours from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm should be respected. Article VIII.       Any food or drink (except for pure water) is forbiddeninside de rooms. Alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and any unprescribed drugs areforbidden inside our full facilities including the yards (The state law fromNuevo León forbids any somke inside any public facility). Non-alcoholicbeverages and food should be kept out of the rooms and may be consumed inshared areas taking care of our facilities.Article IX.          It is forbidden to access our hostel underunprescribed drugs effects (legal/illegal including high alcohol levels).Therefore I authorize the establishment’s staff to make any revision toensure/note that, and in case the possession of unprescribed (legal or illegal)drugs is proven, the establishment staff is authorized to allow access andrevision to the respective official authorities.ArticleX.       Radios, stereos, TVs and music players are not allowedin high speaker mode are not allowed in order to respect other guests. In caseany item of this previous list of appliances is to be used by the guest, itshould be done using earphones/headphones. Visits into the rooms are forbidde, and these have a fee.Article XI.     It is forbidden to have clothes on doors, windows,tables, chairs and stair or balcony rails. Causing hard stains on linen andtowels due to inappropriate use (e.g. such as stepping on them, using them asrug) will cause a fee of $1000.00 MXN PESOS per set of linen and $120.00 MXNPESOS per towel. Article XII.    Silence hours in respect for other guests: 11:00 am a 8:00 pm Article XIII.  Air conditioning in shared dorms may be turned on from8:00 pm to 8:00 am. In case the schedule is met, but the guest has left theroom and facilities, air conditioning should be turned off. For everyuse of air conditioning regarding the previous restrictions, all doors andwindows should be kept closed in order to provide de conditions for efficiencyand sustainability. In order to have the air conditioning working all day, a$300 (mxn) fee that must be paid in advance by whomever is requiring it and whowill be the responsible for the remote control.Article XIV.   Every harm caused to the facilities should be reportedimmediately to the establishment Staff and the costs and fees caused by thisshould be paid at the very same moment without exception. ArtículoXVI. Anyharm that could possibly be caused by any other guest by any fight, maliciousacts, or accident between guests are the guest’s responsibility, which meansthe guest declares himself as responsible and declares the establishment TaiyariHostal and its legal representative with RFC HEAA921228150 as free from all responsibilityand consequence that these harms may cause to the guest.
Artículo XVII.  Once the accommodation has been checked infor dorms, without any exception the guest should only use the bed assigned tohim or her due to hygiene for the rest of the guests (this includes placinganything above a bed that has not been assigned to the guest). When this is notmet by the guest, a fee of $250 Mexican Pesos will be charged as a consequence.
Artículo XIX. Lockers’ rental has acost of $15 MXN PESOS per night with a lock. Whenever the guest has its ownlock, the rent should be requested to the staff in order to get assigned alocker for free. If the locker was rented with a lock and the lock and/or thekey has been lost a fee of $100 will be charged to the guest and paidimmediately without exception.
ArtículoXX. Anyharm caused by the guest forces himself to take full responsibility for theconsequences and legal procedures that ought to be taken. The guest declaresthe establishment Taiyari Hostal represented by the RFC HEAA921228150 as fullyfree from all responsibility of the consequences, harms and legal proceduresthat the guest’s acts could cause against other guest or person inside andoutside the hostels’ facilities.ArticleXXI.  When the guest has checked in, a set of keyswith access to the facilities and to his/her room or dormitory will be turnedin to him/her after the official ID with a picture in it has been turned in atthe front desk. These keys should be turned back at the check-out of the accommodation,and if this is not done due to any reason without exception, a fee of $500.00will be charged to the guest in order to change the door’s plate and a fee of$300 will be charged if the room’s key was not turned in. The hostels’ staff atthe front desk with the hostels’ uniform should only receive the ID of allguests. ArticleXXII.During the guests’ accommodation, it is forbidden to access the bakery andkitchen out of business hours listed in the Article V. In case the guest issurprised accessing these facilities outside business hours, the respectiveofficial authorities will be requested to take the corresponding actions andlegal procedures and the guest will be left to their protocol.